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003291 C57BL/6-TgCAG-EGFP1Osb/J.
JAX Mice Search. Also Known As: B6 ACTb-EGFP, B6-EGFP, B6-GFP, B6.GFP. This transgenic mouse line, with an enhanced" GFP EGFP cDNA under the control of a chicken beta-actin promoter and cytomegalovirus enhancer, have widespread EGFP fluorescence, with the exception of erythrocytes and hair.
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Transgenic mice with green fluorescent protein-labeled pancreatic beta cells. PubMed NCBI.
We have generated transgenic mice that express green fluorescent protein GFP under the control of the mouse insulin I gene promoter MIP. The MIP-GFP mice develop normally and are indistinguishable from control animals with respect to glucose tolerance and pancreatic insulin content.
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Green mice as a source of ubiquitous green cells ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect. Elsevier. RELX Group.
Green mice as a source of ubiquitous green cells. Author links open overlay panel Masaru Okabe Masahito Ikawa Katsuya Kominami Tomoko Nakanishi Yoshitake Nishimune. https// Get rights and content. Under an Elsevier user license. The green fluorescent protein GFP is responsible for the green bioluminescence of the jellyfish Aequorea victoria.
004353 C57BL/6-TgUBC-GFP30Scha/J.
Mice homozygous for the transgene are viable, fertile, normal in size and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities. These mice express GFP in all tissues examined. Certain hematapoetic cell types display distinct expression levels of GFP, allowing identification of different cells types by FACS analysis.
LifeAct-GFP Mouse Mouse Models Ximbio.
Incorporation of LifeAct in this specific and selective manner allows the study of actin dynamics in cell types, particularly primary cells, which are not readily transfectable. It also permits the study of intracellular actin in cells whilst present in their native environment.
007788 STOCK TgThy1-EGFPMJrs/J.
A 27 SNP single nucleotide polymorphism panel analysis performed by The Jackson Lpboratory on the rederived mice revealed that this strain is on a mixed background six markers are segregating: 4 as CBA and 2 as neither C57BL/6 nor CBA July 2009. Expressed Gene GFP, Green Fluorescent Protein.,
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Transgenic pets edit. Mice expressing GFP under UV light left right, compared to normal mouse center. Alba, a green-fluorescent rabbit, was created by a French laboratory commissioned by Eduardo Kac using GFP for purposes of art and social commentary. 60 The US company Yorktown Technologies markets to aquarium shops green fluorescent zebrafish GloFish that were initially developed to detect pollution in waterways.

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