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GENSAT Brain Atlas of gene expression in EGFP Transgenic Mice.
Supported by National Institute of Mental Health. BAC Modification Core BAC Transgenic Core Histology Core Annotation Core Bioinformatics Core. Sri Ramullu Pullagura. Kim Schwabe Rooney. The GENSAT Brain Atlas is a collection of pictorial gene expression maps of the mouse nervous system.
C57BL/6 Transgenic Mice Strain Expressing GFP Ubiquitously.
The UBI-GFP/BL6 transgenic mice show remarkably uniform expression of GFP for each cell type studied. No loss of GFP fluorescence due to metabolism or partitioning can be detected. The GFP gene of these UBI-GFP/BL6 transgenic mice is expressed regardless of tissue type and developmental stage.
Anti-GFP antibody 9F9.F9 ab1218 Abcam.
Can be paired for Sandwich ELISA with Goat polyclonal to GFP Biotin ab6658. ab1218 can be used to detect GFP by ELISA sandwich or capture for the direct binding of antigen. Biotin conjugated monoclonal anti-GFP is well suited to titrate GFP in a sandwich ELISA in combination with polyclonal anti-GFP as a capture antibody.
Green Fluorescent Protein: A Molecular Microscope.
Like GFP, DMHBI is predominantly found in the phenolic form, the brighter DMFBI mimics enhanced GFP EGFP Heim et al, 1995, and is anionic under standard conditions. The DMFBI-RNA complex has been called Spinach, it is the first fluorescent RNA tag that is both selective and non-toxic. It only fluoresces when bound to RNA, is resistant to photobleaching, and has been used to follow RNA tagged molecules as they move through cells Page et al, 2011. Jeff Lichtman and Joshua Sanes, researchers at the Harvard Brain Center, have created transgenic mice with fluorescent multicolored neurons.
At 4 to 6 weeks of age, brain weights and neuron numbers are similar among GFP-GA 50, GFP-GA 50-mut, and GFP mice, but at 6 months, the brains of GFP-GA 50 mice weigh only about two-thirds of the GFP-GA 50-mut and GFP animals, with neuron loss occurring in cortex including layer V of motor cortex and the CA3 region of the hippocampus.
Strain description These transgenic mice express a fusion cDNA encoding enhanced GFP jointed at its C-terminus to rat microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 beta under the control of the CAG promoter. The occurrence of autophagy in mouse tissues can be monitored by the GFP.
Does anyone have experience in visualizing eGFP mice?
I also used something like this apparatus see link, it's' portable. I presume your problem is more related to the intensity of your lump or your GFP expression levels and not wave length. If you just need an indication of positive GFP expressing mice and all else fails you can also do RTPCR from your mice with any tissue sample.
UTHSC The Neuroscience Institute Mouse Lines.
Proprietary: need permission from creator to use, who requests authorship as a condition of use. Foehring: GFP mice. In the somatosensory cortex of these transgenic mice, EGFP is only expressed in layer 5A pyramidal neurons that have thin apical dendrites type 2.
007788 STOCK TgThy1-EGFPMJrs/J.
Upon arrival, mice were bred to C57BL/6J for at least one generation to establish the colony. A 27 SNP single nucleotide polymorphism panel analysis performed by The Jackson Lpboratory on the rederived mice revealed that this strain is on a mixed background six markers are segregating: 4 as CBA and 2 as neither C57BL/6 nor CBA July 2009. Expressed Gene GFP, Green Fluorescent Protein.,

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