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Generating green fluorescent mice by germline transmission of green fluorescent ES cells ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect.
Recently, though, several mutants have been made in the wild-type wt GFP so as to improve its thermostability and fluorescence. EGFP enhanced GFP is one such wtGFP variant. As a first step in assessing the use of EGFP in ES cell-mediated strategies, we have established a mouse embryonic stem ES cell lines expressing EGFP, which can be propagated in culture, reintroduced into mice, or induced to differentiate in vitro, while still maintaining ubiquitous EGFP expression.
GFP mice JCRB Laboratory Animal Resource Bank at NIBIOHN.
We cryopreserve heterozygous embryos now. Cells expressing GFP are available for cell transplant experiments or organ transplant experiments to be able to visualize targets by radiating UV or blue light. GFP mice 3 mice on the right are radiating fluorescent green under UV light.
Vascular Biology: Visualization of lymphatic vessels by Prox1-promoter directed GFP reporter in a bacterial artificial chromosome-based transgenic mouse.
In this report, we performed an extensive investigation of the GFP expression pattern of the Prox1 GFP mouse in lymphatic vessels and present our data demonstrating that this Prox1 GFP mouse could be an extremely useful experimental resource for the vascular research.
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007788 STOCK TgThy1-EGFPMJrs/J.
Promoter Thy1, thymus cell antigen 1, theta, mouse, laboratory. Expressed Gene GFP, Green Fluorescent Protein., Site of Expression mossy fibers in the cerebellum and intense, yet sparse, labeling of a variety of neuronal subsets. Strain of Origin C57BL/6J x CBAF1.
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hTH-GFP Rat X-linked Random Transgenic Taconic Biosciences.
Fox Foundation, Thomas Jefferson University, and Taconic. DNA fragments including 10.794 kb of the distal hTH promoter and 1.168 kb of proximal hTH promoter were ligated and placed upstream of the GFP reporter gene to create the hTH-GFP construct. The model was created through pronuclear injection of the hTH-GFP construct into NTacSD: zygotes.
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Expression Analysis of CB2-GFP BAC Transgenic Mice.
Integration of the CB2-GFPTg BAC into the genomic mouse DNA was confirmed by PCR with specific primers eGFP_Aat_F2 and eGFP_R2 as indicated with arrows in a. Three independent founders were identified asterisks by the detection of an additional band representing the GFP.
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Green Fluorescent Protein GFP monoclonal antibody Sigma-Aldrich.
Synonym: GFP Antibody Monoclonal Anti-Green Fluorescent Protein GFP antibody produced in mouse, Gfp Antibody Sigma, Gfp Monoclonal Antibody. MDL number MFCD01092266. HEK-293 cells overexpressing GFP tagged fusion protein were fixed and permeabilized with 4% paraformaldehyde followed by 0.5% Triton X-100.
Human CD68 promoter GFP transgenic mice allow analysis of monocyte to macrophage differentiation in vivo. PubMed NCBI.
F To determine transgene copy number, 100 ng of DNA was isolated from the thymus of male CD68-GFP and male WT mice, amplified using standard PCR, and run on agarose gel side-by-side with the pEGFP-N1 vector. A male GFP knock-in KI mouse that carries a single copy of the GFP transgene on the X chromosome and a female homozygote GFP KI mouse that carries 2 copies of the GFP transgene on the X chromosome were used as copy number controls.
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003291 C57BL/6-TgCAG-EGFP1Osb/J.
Also Known As: B6-GFP, B6.GFP, B6-EGFP, B6 ACTb-EGFP. This transgenic mouse line, with an enhanced" GFP EGFP cDNA under the control of a chicken beta-actin promoter and cytomegalovirus enhancer, have widespread EGFP fluorescence, with the exception of erythrocytes and hair.

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