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Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Thermo Fisher Scientific US.
Cells expressing GFP show dual labeling of both GFP green fluorescence and the anti-GFP antibody red fluorescence. In this overlay of fluorescence and differential interference contrast DIC micrographs, the GFP-transfected cells exhibit green and red signals that overlap to yield yellow, and DAPI stains the nuclei with a light-blue fluorescence.
Green fluorescent protein Wikipedia.
The secondary excitation peak 480 nm of GFP does absorb some of the blue emission of aequorin, giving the bioluminescence a more green hue. The serine 65 residue of the GFP chromophore is responsible for the dual-peaked excitation spectra of wild-type GFP.
Engineering green fluorescent protein for improved brightness, longer wavelengths and fluorescence resonance energy transfer ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect. Elsevier. RELX Group.
The longest wavelengths previously reported for the excitation and emission peaks of GFP mutants are 488 and 511 nm, respectively. Results Additional substitutions, mainly in residues 145163, have improved the brightness of the blue-shifted GFP mutants with histidine and tryptophan in place of tyrosine 66.
Excitation and Emission of Green Fluorescent Proteins February 20, 2001.
As demonstrated in Figure 2, it is critical that the appropriate filter set be utilized for the GFP variant being measured. Using the fluorescein" filter set 485/20 excitation, 530/25 emission when quantitating wtGFP results in a 20% loss of signal, when compared to the recommended 400/30 excitation, 508/20 emission filter set Figure 2B.
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The enhanced green fluorescent protein as a tool for the analysis of protein dynamics and localization: local fluorescence study at the single-mole. PubMed NCBI.
Here we present a detailed study of the fluorescence properties of the Phe-64-Leu, Ser-65-Thr mutant down to the single molecule level in order to assess its use in quantitative fluorescence microscopy and single-protein trafficking. This enhanced GFP EGFP is being used extensively as it offers higher-intensity emission after blue-light excitation with respect to wild-type GFP.
Protéine fluorescente verte Wikipédia.
Les gènes rapporteurs utilisés avant la GFP, comme la bêta-galactosidase impliquaient de fixer tuer l'organisme' ou les cellules pour pouvoir les observer, alors que la GFP s'accumule' dans les cellules en vie en temps réel, ce qui permet d'observer' les changements d'expression' au cours de l'expérience.
Green Fluorescent Protein GFP.
To alleviate this problem, several modified versions of GFP were constructed which have increased fluorescence serine to threonine substitution at position 65 increased fluorescence 5-6 times, but perhaps more important, the major excitation peak has been red-shifted to 490nm with the emission staying at 509nm.

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