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anti-GFP Antibody Chicken Affinity Purified.
Green Fluorescent Protein Control rGFP. anti-GFP Antibody Chicken Affinity Purified. Affinity Purified Chicken anti-Green Fluorescent Protein Antibody is suitable for detecting GFP and its variants. Size 0.1 mg. Price Non-USA customers must login or register to see prices and order online.
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GFP Antibody.
The detection of GFP-tagged proteins by Western Blotting and investigation of protein-protein interactions via immunoprecipitation also necessitates the use of GFP antibodies. Anti-GFP antibodies are available as polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies and suited for detection of GFP, GFP variants and GFP fusion proteins on western blots, immunoprecipitation, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemical localization and immunosorbent assays ELISA.
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Notre serre de jardin de 18 m présente une structure renforcée en acier galvanisé de 32mm, pour une grande surface de culture.Sa bâche plastique blanche en polyéthylène renforcé de 200 g/m propose une bonne répartition de la luminosité sur vos plantations.
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Fluidigm Consumables Anti-GFP 5F12.4-169Tm100 Tests.
If you don't' have an account, please sign up and start one today! Enter your e-mail address and we'll' email you a reset link. Anti-GFP 5F12.4-169Tm100 Tests. Green fluorescent protein GFP is a 27 kDa fluorescent protein that fluoresces bright green when exposed to light in the blue-to-UV range.
Anti-GFP Green Fluorescent Protein pAb.
Since the detection of intracellular Aequorea Victria Green Fluorescent Protein GFP requires only irradiation by UV or blue light, it provides an excellent means for monitoring gene expression and protein localization in living cells. Polyclonal anti-GFP antibody can detect GFP and its variants on Western blotting, Immunoprecipitation, Immunocytochemistry and Immunohistochemistry.
Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Antibody Aves Labs, Inc.
Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Antibody. Data Sheet PDF." Add to Cart. Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Antibody. Chickens were immunized with recombinant GFP protein. After repeated injections, immune eggs were collected from the hens, and the IgY fractions were purified from the yolks.
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Anti-GFP Green Fluorescence Protein antibodies.
Detection of YFP-tagged Lamin A in the nucleus of mouse fibroblasts using GFP Green Fluorescence Protein affinity purified antibodies. Fixation and permeabilization was performed with methanol at 20C for 10 min. a Indirect immunofluorescence labeling of YFP-lamin A with anti-GFP primary antibody dilution 1: 500 as primary antibody and detected by TRITC-conjugated goat-anti-rabbit as secondary antibody.
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Anti-GFP Antibody Products
anti-Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Tag antibody. Write a Review. Supplier Page Sign In or Register to view pricing. See More 4. View All 35. anti GFP CFP. Western Blot WB. Write a Review. Supplier Page Sign In or Register to view pricing. anti GFP Ads.
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Evrogen Anti-GFP antibody CAT. AB011.
Reconstituted with sterile water, antibody can be stored at 2 8C for three months without detectable loss of activity. Reconstituted with 50% glycerol, antibody can be stored at 20C in a manual defrost freezer for six months without detectable loss of activity.
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