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Spatiotemporal Monitoring of Pseudomonas syringae Effectors via Type III Secretion Using Split Fluorescent Protein Fragments Plant Cell.
The original split GFP system Ghosh et al, 2000 has been further engineered to improve protein folding kinetics and solubility to enhance fluorescence intensity Cabantous et al, 2005; Pédelacq et al, 2006; Cabantous et al, 2013. For better protein folding efficiency, super-folder GFP sfGFP was engineered for split GFP system Pédelacq et al, 2006.
Illuminating the Sites of Enterovirus Replication in Living Cells by Using a Split-GFP-Tagged Viral Protein mSphere.
Like GFP, superfolder GFP has a beta barrel structure consisting of eleven strands, which in this system are split into a large fragment strands 1 to 10; GFPS1-10 and a small fragment strand 11; GFPS11 of only 16 amino acids.
GFP gfp fluorescence split gfp.
Mammalian Fold N Glow Split GFP S11 Plasmid sku22004003.
pCMV-mGFP Cterm S11 Neo Kan vector encodes a mammalian-codon optimized version of the 16 amino-acid engineered split GFP S11 detector fragment amino acids 215 to 230 of the 238 amino acid GFP for tagging proteins with a C-terminal strand 11 of GFP GFP S11.
In Vitro Bacterial Split GFP Fold" n Glow" Solubility Assay Kit yellow Sigma-Aldrich.
Fluorescent protein GFP, CFP, or YFP fusions and split protein tags are widely used for the analysis of protein. These large tags can perturb protein solubility, misfold, and alter the processing of the protein. The split fluorescent protein technology used in the Fold" n Glow" assay overcomes these problems.
RCSB PDB 4W6J: Crystal Structure of Full-Length Split GFP Mutant D117C Disulfide Dimer, P 31 2 1 Space Group.
fo-fc Map DSN6. 2fo-fc Map DSN6. Map Coefficients MTZ format. Crystal Structure of Full-Length Split GFP Mutant D117C Disulfide Dimer, P 31 2 1 Space Group. Classificationnbsp: FLUORESCENT PROTEIN. Organismsnbsp: synthetic construct. Expression Systemnbsp: Escherichia coli. Depositednbsp: 2014-08-20nbsp Releasednbsp: 2015-02-18nbsp.
OSA Gold nanorod/nanosphere clustering by split-GFP fragment assembly for tunable near-infrared SERS detections. Expand this Topic.
A set of clusters having sufficiently flexible geometry and good spectral resonance with traditional NIR laser excitations at 785 nm is proposed for NIR SERS detection of the GFP chromophore with enhancement factors in the range of 10 7 10 8 folds.
Versatile protein tagging in cells with split fluorescent protein.
Upon complementation, the reconstituted GFP becomes fluorescent after the chromophore maturation reaction is completed 5, 7. This split GFP system has been previously used for protein quantification 5, visualization of protein subcellular localization 8, 9, 10, single-molecule imaging 11, cell-cell contact detection 12, as well as in vitro protein complex assembly 13.

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