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Mechanism and bottlenecks in strand photodissociation of split green fluorescent proteins GFPs PNAS.
The work described here focuses on the underlying mechanism of photodissociation of split GFP with either its strand 7 s7 or s10 circularly permuted to the N terminus. These split GFPs, denoted as s7: loop GFP: and s10: loop GFP, respectively notation is in Fig.
Activity-independent screening of secreted proteins using split GFP ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect. Elsevier. RELX Group.
Here, we report on an alternative method for quantification of secreted proteins based on the split GFP assay. We analyzed the secretion by Bacillus subtilis of a homologous lipase and a heterologous cutinase by determination of GFP fluorescence and enzyme activity assays.
Green Fluorescent Protein.
259, 267 We aim to use this highly controlled system to better understand the biophysics of split GFP reconstitution in vitro in order to inform experiments using split GFP systems in vivo. We are also interested in using our synthetic methods for producing fluorescent proteins with novel photophysical properties, as well as better understanding the photochemistry of GFP.
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RCSB PDB 4W6J: Crystal Structure of Full-Length Split GFP Mutant D117C Disulfide Dimer, P 31 2 1 Space Group.
Map Coefficients MTZ format. Crystal Structure of Full-Length Split GFP Mutant D117C Disulfide Dimer, P 31 2 1 Space Group. Classificationnbsp: FLUORESCENT PROTEIN. Expression Systemnbsp: Escherichia coli. Depositednbsp: 2014-08-20nbsp Releasednbsp: 2015-02-18nbsp. Deposition Authorsnbsp: Leibly, D.J., Funding Organizationsnbsp: National Institutes of Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciencesnbsp.
High-content tripartite split-GFP cell-based assays to screen for modulators of small GTPase activation Journal of Cell Science.
The percentage of GFP cells was calculated as: percentage GFP cellsnumber of GFP-positive cells/number of all objects100, where GFP-positive cells are defined by cells following this criteria: mean of fluorescence intensity MFI of the objectmean of MFI in the control wells without doxycycline.
In Vitro Bacterial Split GFP Fold" n Glow" Solubility Assay Kit yellow Sigma-Aldrich.
Fluorescent protein GFP, CFP, or YFP fusions and split protein tags are widely used for the analysis of protein. These large tags can perturb protein solubility, misfold, and alter the processing of the protein. The split fluorescent protein technology used in the Fold" n Glow" assay overcomes these problems.

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