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GFP Derivatives: CFP and YFP.
In addition to GFP, YFP and CFP were evaluated to prevent toxicity effects that are specifically caused by GFP while stable marking is attempted on rat hepatic ASC strain. Stable fluorescent clones that express either YFP or CFP were developed while it was difficult to develop stable GFP-expressing strains.
Common Cloning DNA Sequences.
Below is a list of several common sequences used in molecular biology, including sequences to plasmid features T7, SP6, CMV, etc, resistance genes AMP, Kan, etc, and protein tags GFP, myc, FLAG. These sequences come standard for analysis and use with the GeneCoder software package. Please note these common DNA sequences are approximate different variants may exist that vary slightly from the sequences below. To go directly to the sequence, click the appropriate sequence name in the table below.
ZNF696 Gene cDNA ORF Primers Kits.
U6 Forward Primer: 5'-TACGTCCAAGGTCGGGCAGGAAGA-3.' Lentiviral particles with an individual gRNA 300 L for a specific sequence of ZNF696. Plus shipping costs 4000, dry ice fee 2000, and VAT. Add to Basket. Datasheet as PDF. 49 0241 95 163 153. 49 0241 95 163 155. Click to Show More Product Details. Human ZNF696 CRISPR gRNA gRNA in Lentiviral Vector ZsGreen. Genome Editing with Engineered Nucleases. Zinc Finger Protein 696 ZNF696. 79943 Human, ZNF696. SFFV Promoter, U6 Promoter. Two vectors containing two gRNAs in each vector. Available as bacterial glycerol stocks or viral particles. Cas9 expression vectors can be purchased separately. Plus shipping costs 4000, and VAT. Delivery in 20 to 22 Business Days. Add to Basket. Datasheet as PDF. 49 0241 95 163 153. 49 0241 95 163 155. Click to Show More Product Details. Human ZNF696 ORF Clone in Mammalian Expression Vector GFP tag.
PartBBa: E0040
GFP emission and excitation spectra. SBS_NY 2019 Characterization. We used GFP as a critical reporter gene in our heavy metal biosensor and built four plasmids with GFP expression driven by MerR-GFP like heavy metal inducible repressors: CadR-GFP BBa_K3194007 MerR-GFP BBa_K3194008 CueR-GFP BBa_K3194009 ZntR-GFP BBa_K3194010.
The Green Boxer Fluorescent Lab. Protein.
We have developed a method to remove single structural elements of split GFPs and replace them with synthetic peptides, which allow enormous flexibility in sequence and the ability to incorporate unnatural amino acids. 259, 267 We aim to use this highly controlled system to better understand the biophysics of split GFP reconstitution in vitro in order to inform experiments using split GFP systems in vivo. We are also interested in using our synthetic methods for producing fluorescent proteins with novel photophysical properties, as well as better understanding the photochemistry of GFP. In addition to protein engineering, we use ultrafast fluorescence and a host of other analytical methods to characterize these novel proteins. Synthetic" Control of Green Fluorescent Protein, Kevin P.
GFP-targeting guide RNA for CRISPR experiments Genaxxon bioscience online shop.
The resulting loss of GFP fluorescence can be easily determined by flow cytometry analysis. Alternatively, analysis of the DNA will reveal mutations in the GFP locus. Sequence: 5'-GG' N20. The sequence given is the tracer sequence and the N20 represents the 20 nucleotide long spacer sequence specific to the gene against which the gRNA is directed.
A nanobodyGFP: bacterial platform that enables functional enzyme display and easy quantification of display capacity Microbial Cell Factories Full Text.
b Protein schemes for the OmpA and autotransporter constructs. An N-terminal signal sequence lppss and pelBss precedes the OmpA anchor followed by the nanobody, or the nanobody followed by the C-IgAP anchor, respectively. c Workflow of GFP assay: cells producing the nanobody are incubated with free GFP; unbound GFP is washed off and the fluorescence signal from GFP bound to nanobody on cells is assayed using SDS-PAGE, fluorescence measurements and microscopy.
Gene Name Synonym: GFP. Protein Construction A DNA sequence encoding the Aequorea Victoria GFP AAB65663 Met1-Leu238, except for the point mutations of intellectual property F64L, S65T, R80K, S99F, T153M, 167v, H231L was expressed, with a polyhistide tag at the C-terminus Patent 201410599023.9.

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