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GFP, His-tag.
Africa Middle East. Size: 200 g. Host Species: E. MW: 29.9 kDa. Tags: C-terminal His-tag. a.a: full length. Green fluorescent protein has been engineered to produce a vast number of variously colored mutants, fusion proteins, and biosensors. Fluorescent proteins and its mutated allelic forms, blue, cyan and yellow have become a useful and ubiquitous tool for making chimeric proteins, where they function as a fluorescent protein tag. Typically they tolerate N and C-terminal fusion to a broad variety of proteins. They have been expressed in most known cell types and are used as a noninvasive fluorescent marker in living cells and organisms. They enable a wide range of applications where they have functioned as a cell lineage tracer, reporter of gene expression, or as a measure of protein-protein interactions. Recombinant Jellyfish Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein, full length with C-terminal His-tag, MW 29.9 kDa, expressed in an E. coli expression system. GFP absorbs light at 395 and 470 nm, emits green fluorescence at 509 nm.
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GFP Sequence and Map.
Basic Cloning Vectors CRISPR Plasmids Gateway Cloning Vectors TA and GC Cloning Vectors Fluorescent Protein Genes Plasmids GFP Luciferase Vectors Mammalian Expression Vectors Viral Expression Packaging Vectors I.M.A.G.E. Consortium Plasmids Yeast Plasmids Plant Vectors Insect Cell Vectors Lucigen Vectors pET Duet Vectors Novagen pGEX Vectors GE Healthcare Qiagen Vectors Structural Genomics Vectors.
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The Size of GFP.
How Scientists Separate Proteins, a science fair project idea authored by a teacher-student team from Tracy High School in San Joaquin county, CA, students use a Size-exclusion Chromatography Kit from Bio-Rad, sponsor of Science Buddies biotechnology projects and resources, to explore size-exclusion chromatography as they create mixtures and break them down again to determine the size of GFP, a protein which glows green when exposed to blue light.
Green fluorescent protein Wikipedia.
The nomenclature of modified GFPs is often confusing due to overlapping mapping of several GFP versions onto a single name. For example, mGFP often refers to a GFP with an N-terminal palmitoylation that causes the GFP to bind to cell membranes.
Structural Dynamics of Green Fluorescent Protein Alone and Fused with a Single Chain Fv Protein.
However, the fluorescence anisotropy decays more rapidly than can be expected for a fusion product, which is about twice the size of a single GFP molecule Fig. For globular proteins the rotational correlation time is proportional to the molecular mass.
gfp green fluorescent protein Neisseria gonorrhoeae Gene NCBI.
GFP; Green fluorescent protein. Go to the top of the page Help. Heading Accession and Version. Go to the top of the page Help. The following LinkOut resources are supplied by external providers. These providers are responsible for maintaining the links.
Protéine fluorescente verte Wikipédia.
Les gènes rapporteurs utilisés avant la GFP, comme la bêta-galactosidase impliquaient de fixer tuer l'organisme' ou les cellules pour pouvoir les observer, alors que la GFP s'accumule' dans les cellules en vie en temps réel, ce qui permet d'observer' les changements d'expression' au cours de l'expérience.
GFP Products: RD Systems.
Catalog Size Price Stock Quantity. GFP Alexa Fluor 594-conjugated Antibody. View Sizes Prices. Catalog Size Price Stock Quantity. GFP Alexa Fluor 405-conjugated Antibody. View Sizes Prices. Catalog Size Price Stock Quantity. GFP Alexa Fluor 488-conjugated Antibody. View Sizes Prices. Catalog Size Price Stock Quantity.
GFP Green fluorescent protein Aequorea victoria Jellyfish GFP gene protein.
Cited for: MUTAGENESIS OF PHE-64; SER-65; TYR-66; SER-72; TYR-145; ASN-146; HIS-148; MET-153 AND VAL-163. Investigations" of combinations of mutations in the jellyfish green fluorescent protein GFP that afford brighter fluorescence, and use of a version VisGreen in plant, bacterial, and animal cells" Teerawanichpan P.,

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