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GFP, His-tag.
Africa Middle East. Size: 200 g. Host Species: E. MW: 29.9 kDa. Tags: C-terminal His-tag. a.a: full length. Green fluorescent protein has been engineered to produce a vast number of variously colored mutants, fusion proteins, and biosensors. Fluorescent proteins and its mutated allelic forms, blue, cyan and yellow have become a useful and ubiquitous tool for making chimeric proteins, where they function as a fluorescent protein tag. Typically they tolerate N and C-terminal fusion to a broad variety of proteins. They have been expressed in most known cell types and are used as a noninvasive fluorescent marker in living cells and organisms. They enable a wide range of applications where they have functioned as a cell lineage tracer, reporter of gene expression, or as a measure of protein-protein interactions. Recombinant Jellyfish Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein, full length with C-terminal His-tag, MW 29.9 kDa, expressed in an E. coli expression system. GFP absorbs light at 395 and 470 nm, emits green fluorescence at 509 nm.
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Green Fluorescent Protein Functions as a Reporter for Protein Localization in Escherichia coli.
One possibility considered was that this breakdown product represented GFP that had been clipped free of the MBP sequences. However, this product had a molecular mass of 33 kDa, which is significantly larger than GFP. Open in a separate window. Cell fractionation of shortened MBP-GFP hybrid protein. Cells expressing MBPSS128-GFP were fractionated into inner and outer membranes as described in Materials and Methods. The immunoblot shown was decorated with anti-GFP antibody. MBPSS128-GFP migrated at a predicted molecular mass of 40 kDa and fractionated with the outer membrane. An apparent smaller-molecular-weight derivative of this protein was also found in the inner membrane fraction. Molecular weight MW standards are as shown.
Crystal Structure of Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein to 1.35 Å Resolution Reveals Alternative Conformations for Glu222.
The apparent molecular weight was still very close to the theoretical molecular weight calculated from the amino acid sequence 26941 Da. The elution peak was non-symmetrical, suggesting there was more than one oligomeric species present in dynamic equilibrium with the monomeric form; this is consistent with previous observations that wt GFP is largely monomeric with a weak tendency to dimerise.
GFP Antibody B-2 SCBT Santa Cruz Biotechnology.
Several GFP mutants have been developed, including EGFP, which fluoresce more intensely than the wildtype GFP and have shifted excitation maxima, making them useful for FACS and fluorescence microscopy as well as double-labeling applications. GFP is widely used in expression vectors as a fusion protein tag, allowing expression and monitoring of heterologous proteins fused to GFP. For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use. Alexa Fluor is a trademark of Molecular Probes Inc, OR, USA.
CST GFP 4B10 Mouse mAb.
Specificity / Sensitivity. GFP 4B10 Mouse mAb detects GFP, YFP, and CFP-tagged proteins exogenously expressed in cells. This antibody does not detect RFP-tagged proteins. Please note that the GFP, YFP, and CFP tags add approximately 27 kDa to the molecular weight of the fusion protein.
What is the molecular weight of DNA coding green fluorescent protein, approximately, how many base pairs are there?
Warsaw University of Technology. What is the molecular weight of DNA coding green fluorescent protein, approximately, how many base pairs are there? Green Fluorescent Protein. Popular Answers 1. GFP is around 720 bp239 AA 26.9kDa. All Answers 5. GFP is around 720 bp239 AA 26.9kDa.
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GFP Introduction.
The evolutionary relationship of Aequorea GFP and Renilla GFP is not known, since the amino acid sequence of the latter has not yet been determined. The primary structure of Aequorea GFP was deduced from the cDNA sequence 9. Aequorea GFP is a protein of 238 amino acids with a molecular weight of 27 or 30 kDa.
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GFP Recombinant Aequorea victoria Protein, N-His Tag Thermo Fisher Scientific.
The purity and molecular weight of the recombinant human GFP were determined by SDS-PAGE of reduced GFP, followed by staining with Coomassie Blue" data-omni-actionView" figure" SDS-PAGE analysis of Green Fluorescent Protein GFP. Gene Aliases: GFP. Gene Symbol: GFP. Molecular Weight: 28.7 kDa.
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Structural Dynamics of Green Fluorescent Protein Alone and Fused with a Single Chain Fv Protein.
A modeled structure of scFv-GFP supports this observation. The green fluorescent protein GFP 1 from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria has received widespread utilization as a natural fluorescent marker for gene expression, localization of gene products 1-5, and identification of protein interaction and function. GFP is a protein consisting of 238 amino acids with a molecular mass of 27 kDa and has the shape of a cylinder with a length of 4.2 nm and diameter of 2.4 nm.
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