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Carnegie Cell Imaging.
GFP and YFP can be at least partially discriminated on the basis of careful filter selection. However, both excitation and emission spectra are fairly close together, limiting the discrimination possible and requiring difficult compromises to be made between brightness and discrimination.
Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy Protocol.
The gene for GFP was originally isolated from jellyfish and can be expressed, or produced, by cultured cells in response to specific triggers or as part of a specific cell type like the tumor cells shown glowing in this image.
Semrock Part Number: GFP-3035C.
Ideal for use with: GFP, Cy2, CyQuant Cell Proliferation Assay, DiO, EGFP, sgGFP, wtGFP, YOYO-1, YO-PRO-1. Non-US pricing info. US domestic pricing only. If you are ordering from outside the US, please contact your nearest regional distributor for the correct list price.
Simultaneous imaging of GFP, CFP and collagen in tumors in vivo using multiphoton microscopy BMC Biotechnology Full Text.
While YFP has been used as part of a FRET pair in vivo 17, GFP was chosen over YFP because YFP is not effectively excited by wavelengths below 900 nm 18, YFP and GFP excitation closely mirror each other and are difficult to separate, and a large number of already available cell lines and transgenic animals use GFP.
GFP Chroma Technology Corp.
49009 ET Cy5 Narrow Excitation. 49010 ET RB Phycoerythrin/mOrange/mKO. 49011 ET FITC/Alexa Fluor 488/Fluo3/Oregon Green. 49012 ET FITC/EGFP Longpass. 49013 ET TFP Teal FP. 49014 ET mKO/mOrange. 49015 ET AlexaFluor 633. 49016 ET Cy3/TRITC Longpass. 49017 ET mCherry/Texas Red Longpass. 49018 ET EGFP Longpass. 49019 ET Cy5 Longpass. 49020 ET Narrow Band EGFP to Minimize Autofluorescence. 49021 ET EBFP2/Coumarin/Attenuated DAPI. 49022 ET Cy5.5. 49023 ET AlexaFluor 514/ZsYellow/Eosin. 49024 ET Keima Red/DiA. 49025 ET DAPI/FluoroGold Longpass. 49026 ET Tetracycline. 49027 ET Brilliant Violet 421, Alexa Fluor 405. 49028 ET DAPI for 395nm light sources. 49029 ET EYFP Longpass. 49030 ET Indocyanine Green. 49031 ET Alexa Fluor 568, Cy3.5. 49032 ET Brilliant Violet 480. 49037 ET Li_Cor for IR dye 800. 49052 ET ECFP/EYFP FRET. 49053 ET DAPI for 355-405nm LEDs. 49054 ET GFP for 455-465nm LEDs.
Which Excitation Should I Use for My Fluorophore? NIGHTSEA.
Which Excitation Should I Use for My Fluorophore? Which NIGHTSEA excitation and emission combination should I use for my fluorophore GFP, FITC, RFP? NIGHTSEA offers five different fluorescence excitation wavelength sources with our economical Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter and Dual Fluorescent Protein flashlight.
Two-Photon Activation and Excitation Properties of PA-GFP in the 720920-nm Region ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect.
Here, we show that upon two-photon irradiation, PA-GFP yields activation in the spectral region from 720 to 840 nm. After photoactivation, the excitation spectrum shifts maintaining the very same emission spectrum of the single-photon case for the native and photoactivated protein.
Proton Relay Reaction in Green Fluorescent Protein GFP: Polarization-Resolved Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy of Isotopically Edited GFP The Journal of Physical Chemistry B.
The complex transient vibrational spectra of wild type wt GFP have been assigned through polarization anisotropy measurements on isotopically edited proteins. Protein chromophore interactions modify considerably the vibrational structure, compared to the model chromophore in solution. An excited-state vibrational mode yields information on excited-state electronic structure. The proton relay pathway is characterized in more detail, and the protonation of the remote E222 residue is shown to occur in a concerted step. Modifications to protein vibrational modes are shown to occur following electronic excitation, and the potential for these to act as a trigger to the proton relay reaction is discussed.
Thorlabs MF469-35 GFP Excitation Filter, CWL 469 nm, BW 35 nm.
JPY only available. Products Home / / / / / Excitation Filters / MF469-35. MF469-35 GFP Excitation Filter, CWL 469 nm, BW 35 nm. GFP Excitation Filter, CWL 469 nm, BW 35 nm.: 0.02 kg / Each.: Add To Cart.:

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