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Eduardo Kac Flunks the Rabbit Test.
One does wonder though if animals ever go through adolescent trauma as we humans do, in which we realize that we didn't' ask to be born" But the animal was born and she was made to be born, and not out of any natural inertia. She was made to be born-with a Green Fluorescent Protein hence the GFP" piece's' title: GFP" Bunny" no less-to be a person's' art work, and I personally think that's' a lot to ask, especially from a little bunny.
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GFP: Lighting up life PNAS.
Moreover, a search of PubMed using the terms GFP or green fluorescent protein nets 30000, publications, a number that has been increasing exponentially since 1994 and is undoubtedly a lower bound. GFP has also entered the art world with Eduardo Kac's' GFP bunny Alba and even the movies as evident by the opening credits of the film Hulk by director Ang Lee that was released in 2003.
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Scientists breed glow-in-the-dark rabbits World news The Guardian.
The" final goal is to develop animals that act as barrier reactives to produce beneficial molecules in their milk that can be cheaply extracted, especially in countries that can not afford big pharma plants that make drugs, that usually cost 1bn to build, and be able to produce their own protein-based medication in animals, Moisyadi said.
Urban Dictionary: GFP Bunny.
GFP Bunny unknown. transgenic artwork created by Eduardo Kac 2. Alba, the GFP Green Fluorescent Protein Bunny 3. a complex" social event.with questionable cultural and ethical implications" 4. genetically engineered mutant 6. an abnormality: freak of nature." A GFP Bunny."
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Green Fluorescent Protein Cool Uses Alba.
An artist who has produced two exhibits based on GFP technology, GFP Bunny and The Eighth Day. They are both part of his Creation Trilogy. Kac and Alba were going to live in a faux living room created in the gallery, signifying how biotechnologies are entering our lives, even in the privacy of our living rooms.
THE ARTS AND SCIENCE: The GFP Bunny and a juried art show UC Davis.
Alba is undoubtedly a very special animal, but I want to be clear that her formal and genetic uniqueness are but one component of the GFP Bunny artwork, Kac declared on his Web site. The GFP Bunny project is a complex social event, he continued.
Le Vivant en Question: Le projet GFP Bunny It's' not easy to be green.'
Toutefois, son originalité ne réside pas uniquement là car la forme de vie utilisé est une forme de vie résultant d'une' manipulation génétique. Afin de mieux de comprendre celà attardons nous quelque peu sur le projet GFP Bunny. Le projet artistique GFP Bunny englobe à la fois la création dun lapin vert fluo Alba, dun débat public suscité par le projet et lintégration sociale du lapin.
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Louis-Marie Houdebine et la controverse d'Alba' une transgnse aux aspects douteux AgoraVox le mdia citoyen.
Premirement, aprs que Houdebine eut t contact par Kac et eut accept sa participation au projet GFP" Bunny, la direction de lInra a trs vite manifest son souhait, en 2000, que le chercheur ne participe pas au dbat sur lart trangnique du Festival dAvignon 3.
The artist comments that the ability to change the sentence is a symbolic gesture: it means that we do not accept its meaning in the form we inherited it, and that new meanings emerge as we seek to change it. Kacs most well-known work is GFP Bunny 2000 in which an albino rabbit called Alba was bred in a laboratory with a gene causing the rabbit to glow fluorescent green under a blue light.

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