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Urban Dictionary: GFP Bunny.
GFP Bunny unknown. transgenic artwork created by Eduardo Kac 2. Alba, the GFP Green Fluorescent Protein Bunny 3. a complex" social event.with questionable cultural and ethical implications" 4. genetically engineered mutant 6. an abnormality: freak of nature." A GFP Bunny."
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Eduardo Kac biographie.
Dans les projets GFP K-9 1998-présent et GFP Bunny 1999-présent, il étend ses explorations transgéniques à des mammifères. Les deux projets font intervenir une protéine GFP protéine verte fluorescente, quon trouve couramment dans la méduse du nord-ouest du Pacifique, pour explorer des questions de contrôle génétique et les biotechnologies.
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GFP Bunny Studio 360 WNYC.
Eduardo Kac: GFP Bunny Seeing Science.
Kac wanted his art project, GFP Bunny, to turn into a complex social event and it did. Photographs of Alba on the front pages of newspapers fueled dialogs about the economic, ethical, and cultural implications of genetic engineering that continue today.
De Filmkrant: GFP Bunny.
Begotten is an ultimate grain-fest, as each frame was meticulously re-photographed on 16mm and physically worked on a celebration of the materiality of film stock. The digital noise and poorer images in GFP Bunny seem the contemporary marker for realness and directness.
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Transgenic bunny by Eduardo Kac.
GFP Bunny has raised many ethical questions and sparked an international controversy about whether Alba should be considered art at all. Transgenic art brings out a debate on important social issues surrounding genetics that are affecting and will affect everyone's' lives decades to come, Kac is quoted as saying.
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GFP Bunny on JSTOR.
Preview not available. The author describes his transgenic artwork GFP" Bunny" and discusses the theoretical and practical implications of creating a new mammal in the context of art. Weaving together insights from philosophy, molecular biology, natural history, cognitive ethology and art, the author places primary emphasis on the welfare of the transgenic rabbit he has created.
Le Vivant en Question: Le projet GFP Bunny It's' not easy to be green.'
Toutefois, son originalité ne réside pas uniquement là car la forme de vie utilisé est une forme de vie résultant d'une' manipulation génétique. Afin de mieux de comprendre celà attardons nous quelque peu sur le projet GFP Bunny. Le projet artistique GFP Bunny englobe à la fois la création dun lapin vert fluo Alba, dun débat public suscité par le projet et lintégration sociale du lapin.
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GFP Bunny work by Kac Britannica.com.
his best-known and most-controversial work, GFP Bunny. Again mixing conceptual and performance art, Kac centred the project on a rabbit engineered to express the green fluorescent protein GFP from the jellyfish Aequoria victoria. The animal, named Alba by Kac and his family, was seen by the public only in photographs.

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