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Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Antibody Aves Labs, Inc.
Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Antibody. Data Sheet PDF." Add to Cart. Green Fluorescent Protein GFP Antibody. Chickens were immunized with recombinant GFP protein. After repeated injections, immune eggs were collected from the hens, and the IgY fractions were purified from the yolks.
GFP Antibody AF4240: RD Systems.
HEK293 human embryonic kidney cells transfected with GFP was stained with Allophycocyanin-conjugated Anti-Goat IgG Secondary Antibody only A, Catalog F0108 or with Goat Anti-GFP Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody Catalog AF4240 followed by Secondary Antibody B. To facilitate intracellular staining, cells were fixed with paraformaldehyde and permeabilized with saponin.
GFP Antibody.
Nordmann et al detected GFP transfected into pigeon embryonic fibroblasts with 1500: clone 2B6 antibody from Monoclonal Antibody Facility, Max Perutz Laboratories 124. Li Z et al detected GFPLC3B and free GFP from lysosomal cleavage in the lysates of HeLa cells stably expressing GFPLC3B with the Cell Signaling Technologies anti-GFP rabbit monoclonal antibody a pd14659722956: 125.
Anti-GFP antibody STJ140006 St John's' Labs.
Product name Anti-GFP antibody. Short Description Goat polyclonal against GFP. Description Goat polyclonal antibody to GFP green fluorescent protein. Applications IF, IHC-F, IHC-P, WB. Dilution range WB 1500-15, 000 Immunofluorescence 150-11, 000 Immunohistochemistry paraffin 150-11, 000 Immunohistochemistry frozen 150-11, 000.
anti-GFP antibody Product No. ABIN121945.
Product Details anti-GFP Antibody. Aequorea victoria Host. This GFP antibody is un-conjugated Application. Immunofluorescence IF, Immunoprecipitation IP, Western Blotting WB Specificity. The antibody reacts specifically with GFP, EGFP, EYFP fusion proteins in all species. Affinity Chromatography on Protein A Immunogen.
GFP Antibody, pAb, Rabbit Antibody GenScript.
Observed Size: 40 KD. Western blot analysis of immunoprecipitates from lysate expressing GFP using Rabbit Anti-GFP Polyclonal Antibody GenScript, A01388. Lane 1: Input control material for lysate expressing GFP protein. Lane 2: Negative control IP with isotype control antibody GenScript, A01008.
Anti-GFP Green Fluorescent Protein Antibody 06-896.
Upon exposure to blue light 488 nm, GFP strongly fluoresces Emission max: 507 nm. GFP can be fused to proteins without significantly interfering with their assembly and function, making GFP a powerful tool for monitoring gene expression and protein localization in living cells.
GFP GFP antibody antibody rabbit rabbit polyclonal polyclonal PABG1 PABG1 Chromotek. ChromoTek.
Secondary antibody: anti-rabbit_Alexa647 12000., Primary antibody: Anti-GFP PABG1 11000., Secondary antibody: anti-rabbit_Alexa647 12000., Rabbit polyclonal antibody to Green Fluorescent Protein. The antibody recognizes green fluorescent proteins derived from Aequorea victoria GFP, such as wtGFP, EGFP, tagGFP, YFP, CFP, or pHluorin.
GFP antibody Anti-GFPIP WB.
Protein Modification Stress Response. GFP antibody 20R-GR011. Rabbit polyclonal GFP antibody. Protocols Print Product Sheet. Synonyms Polyclonal GFP antibody, Anti-GFP antibody, Green Fluorescent Protein antibody. Cross Reactivity This antibody reacts with wild type GFP and its variants, such as EGFP, EBFP.

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